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EVO 2X Powerboard Gas Scooter

EVO 2X Powerboard Gas Scooter

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Make your purchase of an Evo 2X and I will include A Free Ada Racing Filter with velocity stack.

Add a performance pipe and I will take $15.00 off the cost of a Evo Powerboard 21T sprocket.

I also will drop $10 off the price of a Stalker Can if you buy it with the scooter and the pipe. Only works with the pipe. You can see how great it looks in our Evo Parts section.

The Evo 2X Gas Scooter comes standard with a:

•50cc engine
•High performance shock absorbing front end
•Knobby tires
•Number plate
•Chrome fender
•Scrub board
•Clip on Seat

Anyone offering you any of these items as a "Special Promotional Package" is not being up front with you.

By moving up to the Evo 2X Powerboard Gas Scooter you purchasing one of the fastest, most innovative out of the box scooters on the planet. Add a performance pipe and a 21 tooth pulley and watch your neighborhood dogs weep as you streak by pushing 40MPH.

Look at what's inside of an Evo in this detailed teardown report.

Don't buy any scooter unless you are sure your dealer offers full parts support. You will need them. Here are the 8 pages of what Neo Scooters

has to offer for Evo Parts Support.

Can't afford an Evo 2X? Check out the 40cc Evo 2.

Don't feel comfortable installing that 21 Tooth Pulley or Changing the Aluminum Engine Cover? Neo Scooters will install those upgrades for you. If you want some custom work that we don't list, contact us for a quote.

90 day warranty.

Take a close look at the features that Evo Powerboards packs into their product line. No one even comes close to the engineering and design ofa Puzey Evo Power Board gas scooter.

This patented, unique drive system is the heart of the new Puzey scooter, the first two speed scooter in the world! It will no doubt propel personal transportation into a new dimension of speed and reliability. The range of applications of Powerboards have thus far been limited by low reving, low horsepower engines. Now with the 2-speed gearbox, you can have the power when pulling off, or going uphill, in 1st gear and have the top speed with 2nd gear. Bring on the hill-climbs and riders over 250lbs!
This Upgrade Comes Standard on The Evo 2X. After two years of testing and developing, the new ultra-smooth and functional "Cam-Link™" patented suspension is now a reality, and comes standard on the Evo 2X and SPX. Unlike the competition, "Cam-Link™" is a true suspension system that offers a smooth ride, while offering excellent resistance when landing after jumps. Once you try it you will simply see there is nothing like it.
This Upgrade is included on the Evo 2 and Evo 2X. No more removing or adding the seat base plate to the deck in order to use a seat... simply fit and tighten this innovative seat and you've got a really comfortable ride.
Evo Powerboards™ and Active Italy have an exclusive relationship and have been developing and improving motors over the past few years. With true Italian flair, the motors on the new Evo Powerboard range are even more powerful and reliable than before and have propelled the range to an all new level of performance.
Evo Powerboard™ Billet Decks are made from B52 Aircraft Grade Aluminum. Supertough and ultra light, the Evo Powerboard™ machined billet deck is standard equipment with most models, and is designed to provide a comfortable ride and allows the Quick Release Seat System™ to be easily and safely used.

Colored decks may be ordered as an upgrade.

The new Evo Powerboard™ frame is built to take abuse. Almost impossible to bend, the new reinforced frame is twice as tough as anything else on the market. With superior design, quality welding and quality steels, the Evo frames are built to withstand anything you can throw at them.
This Upgrade May Be Selected Below. Ride kerbs and rocks without damaging the bottom of your Evo Powerboard. The scrub board is a plastic attachment fitted under the bike which allows you to ride kerbs and rocks without damaging the chassis and cables of your Evo Powerboard™. This feature is only standard on the Evo 2x, but is available as an optional extra for any of the other Evo Powerboard™ models.
This Upgrade May Be Selected Below. This Power pipe adds 20-30% more acceleration, reduces noise by 15-20% and is Evo Factory Approved. The new Puzey Design chrome-finish "Power Pipe" kit will keep your engine to federal "emission and noise" standards, dropping noise by between 15-30% whilst increasing power and performance.
Evo Powerboards™ now come with forged aluminum rims as standard equipment in a very cool new 210mm diameter and whopping 90mm width profile, allowing various types of road and off road tires to suit your personal preference.
Originally a Puzey Design, the new 3rd generation scooters have a newly patented and vastly improved folding system, with superior feel and functionality, that takes Evo Powerboards to a whole new level of portability.
This patented Slipper Drive System™ enables the engine to get peak power during low speed operation. A first in the scooter industry, the patented Slipper Drive System™ enables the engine to get peak power during low speed operation, giving the rider full control over the power management of the engine. This is excellent news for sport riders and race customers who can now produce a burst of power when they need it the most. This drive system is standard equipment on the Evo SPX and can be interchanged with the 2 speed gearbox on the Evo 2 and 2X easily.
Also a Puzey first, this unique and all-new patented feature is a one-touch tensioning system which allows Evo Powerboard owners to tighten the final drive belt in one simple and easy action without having to align the rear wheel. This feature is one touch tensioning system.

Quick Look Summary

Accessories Available For This Model

• 2 Speed Gearbox
• 50cc Active Motor.
• "Posi Lock" Folding.
• Billet Deck.
• Quick Release Seat.
• Reinforced Frame.
• 1-Touch Tension.
• Alloy Rims.
• Front and Rear Disc Brakes
• Knobby Tires
• 10 Inch Pneumatic G.M.D.
• Front Suspension.
• Chrome Fender
• Number Plate
• Scrub board.
• 34 mph (depending on rider weight) plus.

• Performance Pipe.
• Colored Deck.
• Colored Deck Tape.
• Slick Tires.

• Front Suspension kit (comes standard on the 2X)

• Removable Seat Kit (comes standard on the 2X)

• Pulleys. (17, 18, 21 teeth)

Changing the size of this pulley will give your Evo powerboard a higher top speed but less torque. It's recommended that you upgrade to a performance pipe for the 21 tooth gear.

Gear teeth sizes:
17T = 29 mph @ 11000 rpm - Stock
18T = 31 mph @ 11000 rpm
21T = 38 mph @ 11000 rpm

Price: $949.00
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